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Party Tips and Info!

Please find below some of our party tips! We have been running since 2014, so know one or two things about parties! 
Character arrival time!
* Our characters arrive dressed and ready to party! We suggest they arrive at least 15 minutes after the guest's arrival time. This allows for late comers and to avoid the magic of us arriving in our car!
* Our entertainers have a lot of equipment so need adequate parking. This needs to be as close to the venue as possible. If we struggle to park then it may cut in to our 'entertaining time'.
* If rooms are upstairs or hard to get to then the princesses will need someone to help them carry their equipment.  
* Our characters will leave at the time stated on the booking form. Please ensure everything you would like them to do is within your time slot. Unfortunately we are unable to 'just take a group  photo' as we may have other parties to attend after yours.
* We provide material (sweets/medals etc.) for the number of children stated on the booking form. If numbers go above this there will not be enough for everyone.
*The price of the party is standard, there are no 'discounts' for smaller numbers, unless agreed when booking.
* The more guests you have, the longer it is to do activities so there may only be time for one game or one song etc.
Set up!
* We require a table near a plug socket to set up.
For pamper parties we require a table and 2 chairs (1 princess) or 4 chairs (2 princesses). 
* Set up only takes a matter of minutes so we do not need additional setting up time. 
* Capture the memories and magical moments. You are welcome to take as many photos as you would like. 
* Designate an area for photos to be taken. Either a plain wall or in front of a backdrop/display.
* Children get distracted easily! Please turn off bouncy castles whilst the characters are at your party.
* Leave opening presents for something to look forward to when you get home.
A magical experience!
* We love adults getting involved! Please encourage children to be excited about the characters and get involved in the games and activities. 
* Some older children may not 'believe in the magic' please ask them to not ruin it for the younger ones.
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