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* Terms and Conditions *

(The boring bit)


  • Once a package has been confirmed it cannot be reduced. Prices for packages may change, however, your party price is ‘Frozen’ and will not change.

  • A non-refundable/non-transferable 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due at least 7 days prior to the party/event date. Late payment fees will be added (£2.50 per day) and may result in your booking being cancelled if you do not pay. Balances can be paid for in full, or in instalments, if preferred.

  • Payments can be made via Bacs or PayPal invoice (transaction fees may apply).

  • Prices quoted are for the maximum stated number of guests. There are no discounts for lower numbers.


  • Maximum numbers are stated on the booking form. Numbers are NOT to go over this, if they do another character/ host may need to be added if available or we cannot go ahead with your booking. This is due to health and safety with our insurance and also to provide the best service we can.

  • Cancellations/amendments- We try our absolute best to be flexible and accommodate changes (venue/time/characters etc.) however, this may not be possible. New dates- changing once will occur a £20 admin fee. More than once will be treated as a new booking.

  • In the unfortunate event that we must cancel your booking completely, we will issue a full refund of the deposit/balance or try to arrange an alternative for you.

  • If you cancel for any reason (including bad weather and self isolation/covid) and we are still able to attend, you will not be refunded. Cancelling your party before 14 days prior to the party date: deposits are non-refundable. If you have paid in full you may be entitled to a refund minus the deposit. Cancelling your party within the 7 days prior to the party: no refund will be issued. Re-scheduling will be treated as a new booking.

  • If your party can not go ahead because of a lockdown or restrictions on numbers (further to those in place at time of booking) etc. We shall offer a full refund (minus the card/present cost if already purchased, these can be posted to you), offer a reduced/alternative package or postpone until restrictions are lifted.


Accessibility to the venue/timings

  • Parking must be paid for, if not free at your chosen venue. This can be included in the total package cost, or be paid on the day.

  • If there is limited parking, please reserve a space for the characters. If it is difficult to park, then it may cut into your party time. The characters need to be as close as possible to the venue. Performers are not responsible for starting the party after the scheduled time due to parking issues. They will not be able to stay after the end time in this instance.

  • The characters will arrive/leave at the time stated on the booking form, please let us know if you wish for us to arrive before this time (additional costs will apply). If delayed for any reason, you will be

  • contacted on the number you have provided on the booking form. If the performers are late (not due to fault of the client or parking issues) then they will stay later where possible.

  • Activities may change due to circumstances such as time, weather or limited space etc. If there is something in particular you wish to do please advise us beforehand. We can not stay later than the pre-agreed time.

  • Set up area required: Party packages- area with a table by a plug. Pamper parties- table and 2 chairs per princess.

  • With exception to appearances, we do not offer parties outside. Our characters can not go on grass.


  • For cold weather, characters may wear additional layers under and/or over their costumes. This may slightly alter their appearance from the photos on our website.

  • Our Snow Sisters will wear the costume best suited to the weather.

  • Extreme heat- any temperatures above 30 degrees need to be in an air conditioned venue.



  • We take no responsibility for food provided at your party, by yourselves or the venue.

  • Kelly’s Princess Parties are not responsible for the children’s welfare at the party. The hosts will not be alone with the children, please ensure the appropriate number of adults is present at the party.

  • We are fully insured for public liability, we take no responsibility for loss or damages caused not by ourselves.

  • The organiser takes responsibility of any damages to our property caused from children at the party and will be required to pay a reasonable compensation to replace them.

  • We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour e.g. swearing, pulling of costumes etc. The performer has the right to leave if they are being treated inappropriately at the party, payment will not be refunded in this case.

  • Chocolate coins or Haribo sweets are used for games. Please inform us beforehand if any of the children are not to receive these. We can offer a vegan alternative (love hearts).



  • Kelly’s Princess Parties cannot guarantee which performer (actress) will be attending your party.

  • We will not perform with other characters, similar to ours, from other companies.

  • As the booker, you understand that it is not our intention to violate and copyright laws. Characters are based on fairy tales and not based on Disney, any similarities are purely accidental.

  • Kelly’s Princess Parties will contact you within the week leading up to the party to discuss final details. Including final numbers.

  • Activities may change/be limited due to circumstances e.g. time, numbers, weather, space etc.

  • Appearances only- we do not provide any entertainment. Please have something planned whilst the characters are there.


If you do not agree to these terms and conditions Kelly’s Princess Parties cannot go ahead with your booking. We will provisionally hold your date for 2 days without the deposit. Bookings are not secure until the deposit has been received.

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